“I don’t know about you, but I when I heard yesterday that Kodak was filing for bankruptcy, I felt a sharp pang of nostalgia. The old Brownie cameras, the Instamatics, the smell of developer… it all came back in a flash.
I remember my excitement, as a child, at trying to load a new film, snapping the camera shut, and winding it on to the first frame.” Brian Draper on ‘Thought for the day’ 21st January 2012.

Listen to the whole broadcast here.

When I heard this ‘Thought for the day’ this week it took me back to 1976 and my Kodak Instamatic 56X.

I was so excited to receive this for my thirteenth birthday!! My first pictures back from the developers were a bit disappointing though!!

Ironbridge, Shropshire 1976 from my first ever film. It took a few films to realise that what you saw through the lens wasn’t exactly what the camera was seeing!!!

The family dog Cindy.

My 13 year old self (in my favourite Brutus flared jeans and cheesecloth top) with my sister, grandma and grandpa at Hodnet Hall, 1976. http://www.hodnethallgardens.org

Cindy again.



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